Monday, August 11, 2008

Story Time!

I was talking to Mom on the phone last night and telling her a couple of stories from the day, to which she immediately exclaimed, "You need to put that on your blog!"  There are HUNDREDS of little anecdotes I could tell every day, so here are a select few:

-When we eat here at training camps, the kids drink water or lemonade that's cold but doesn't have any ice.  Last night we took the kids out to eat for the first time (that was an experience!) and they all got ice water.  Little Isaac took the lid off his cup and said, "Auntie Taylor, what?" (Which is his way of asking, "What is this?"  His English is not very good...yet.)  I thought he wanted a refill, but he said no.  Then I realized he had never had ice before!  I showed him how to take a piece out and suck on it.  As I watched, his eyes got as big as saucers and he gave me that signature grin of his.  He is now a huge fan.

-Yeshoda is our little girl from Nepal.  When we take showers at night in the locker room, I kept noticing that she would keep the water off until the very end of her shower when she was ready to rinse off.  When I asked her about it, she could not respond (again, the language barrier).  It was quickly explained to me that in Nepal there would be such a water shortage that they would go weeks without a shower.  She was scared to use up all our water, but very happy to hear that there is plenty of water in America!  

-Speaking of showers, the Ugandans will think up any scheme to stay in the shower.  That is one of their favorite times of the day!  It is amazing what we take for granted.

-All the kids have enormous appetites.  I'm not sure if they are actually hungry, or if they just want to eat as much as they can while they have the chance.  They can easily eat twice as much as I do, and still say their hungry.  They are very particular about how they eat their food (i.e. eating the hot dug bun by itself and then the hot dog, or spooning up the milk in the bowl and then eating the soggy cereal alone).  They have also discovered the joys of ketchup.  I am convinced that if we gave them a plate of nothing but ketchup for their meals, they would be perfectly happy.  They like it on EVERYTHING, including green beans.  I refused to put it in the applesauce, though.

They are such a blessing to us already.  I can only imagine how much we will love them by the end of the year.  They are the most affectionate children I have ever come across.  Putting them to bed at night is one of my favorite times...yes, because the days are exhausting and we finally get a break, but also because they are never satisfied with only one hug.  We have to circle around to each bed several times before they feel as if they've had enough.  We don't mind one bit!  


Boogie said...

Great stories, Tay! I appreciated my ICED tea a lot more today.

Sarah said...

What great stories Tay!!! Keep them coming!!

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled to hear of your many blessings in such a short time! I read your blog to chip and told him all about what Mr Jay and Miss Taylor were doing. We hope you can stop by Covenant and we cant wait for you to meet Chip! check out our blog... there are pics of him up:


DuffFam said...

AHHHH I want a hug!!

carag said...

I love your stories! there is nothing wrong with a healthy love of ketchup. It is only natural :)

Cynthia said...

We miss you both at CUMC!!!
Your stories are so sweet. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Love the stories, V! I know you all are making great aunts and uncles! :)

Laura McDonald

Anonymous said...

Goodness, we miss you guys so much. But I am SO happy for you that things are going so well. Your stories are absolutely precious! When you get a minute, give me a call:) I would love to hear your voice! We are praying for you guys and we love yall very much.

-Monica and Adam