Saturday, August 9, 2008

Training Camp is CRAZY BUSY!

Our lives have been taken over by these amazing children. We love them and we are slowly becoming a big, happy family, but it is even more all-consuming than I imagined. From 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., we don't stop. I am officially a full-time mom to ten (soon-to-be fifteen) children. We will have five more Ugandan kids join our team in a week. Here is a brief run-down of our team (from smallest to biggest):

Isaac (Uganda)- He is eight years old but looks about four. He is the new love of my life...Jay keeps telling Isaac to stay away from his wife! He thinks he must have contact with me at all times and is very affectionate. He's the baby of the family in every way and has the biggest eyes you've ever seen.

Suresh (Nepal)- Suresh is one smart cookie. He is tiny as well, but he would never act that way. I've taught him what "bossy" means, as it applies to him if he's not careful. He competes for my attention with Isaac. When we first started practicing, Suresh informed me that every solo in the program belongs to him. He knows every word and every position!

Jhonathan (Guatemala)- This is one of the most beautiful little boys God ever made. He is rambunctious and will push your buttons, but he was also the first to give me a kiss and tell me he loves me.

Rose (Uganda)- Rose has the most amazing smile and LOVES the camera. She is a definite girly-girl, always posing and charming the "uncles" (male chaperones).

Maria (Uganda)- Maria surprises you with this little baby voice that doesn't look like it would come out of her. She has the best English out of the Ugandan girls, and tries very hard to please and listen to instructions.

Sarah (Uganda)- Sarah seems to be having a hard time adjusting. She is testing us as much as she can and hasn't warmed up to us much yet, but she has a very nice singing voice!

Yeshoda (Nepal)- Yeshoda was shy at first, but quickly came out of her shell. She adores her Uncle Jay! She can be overwhelmed by all the energy of the other kids, but is making friends fast.

Edwin (Guatemala)- This is Jhonathan's big brother. He loves to laugh and is catching on to the dances quickly (he had never seen them before).

Lincoln (Uganda)- Lincoln calls himself "the Elder" of the group and struggles to set a good example. He can cause trouble, but when I remind him he is a leader, he immediately responds to do better. He loves to translate for the younger Ugandans that don't understand.

Martin(Uganda)- Martin is the biggest leader of all the children. He is two years ahead in his school in Uganda, and is extremely inquisitive. He wants to know about everything he sees and will stump you with his questions. He is determined to be a doctor someday. Martin will also be the first to correct us when we mess up (i.e. "Uncle Jay, you came in late to dinner and I watched you. You did not pray before you ate! You should do it now!")

The five children to come next week are Zurufaha, Esther, Eva, Gift (cool name, huh?) and Jimmy. Our chaperone, Praba (from Nepal) should be coming too...YEA!!!!

Please pray for us and all these children and the work we're doing for Him. We love you!

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Mom said...

Taylor, I know you all need children's picture books, so I've been spreading the news. I'm going to part with mine (yes, I'm crying) and send them as soon as I can. God tells us to make sacrifices and this will be a big one for me, but I know your kids will love them! :-) We're praying for you, Kiddo. It's hard enough to be a parent of ONE. And here you and Jay are... parents of fifteen who don't even speak English! I know it's exhausting, but hang in there. You won't believe how full your heart will get as the days go by. I can't wait to meet them all, and see YOUR faces again. Love you SO much! Mom