Monday, September 8, 2008

Life in a 30-ft. home

We understand the reasoning behind the team leaders living in an RV for the 10 months we're on the road.  It essentially provides a home...a constant place we can come back to after a long day of concerts or driving.  We've been told, "No, it's not a camper.  No, it's not a trailer."  I guess "RV" sounds more glamorous?  It's not.  Living on the RV is extremely difficult.  Granted, we're still getting used to it.  Here are a few pictures:

We have quickly discovered the pros and cons of RV living.

-Everytime we open the shower door, we realize the soap and shampoo has once again fallen onto the floor (because our home has wheels and moves).
-The window shades are almost always down because a)our view is a parking lot, or b)any stranger could become a too-familiar friend if he/she is walking by 
-Each day, we sort of "baby proof" the entire RV- take everything off countertops, put shoes away, etc. because if we don't store it, we know it will all be on the floor the minute we leave the parking lot.
-Showers are a constant guessing game.  Will I get hot water this time?  Will the water run out while I have soap on my hair?  Will the water keep draining or will the tank get too full to drain?
-Also a guessing game: If I turn on this light, will I blow a fuse?  Can I blow dry my hair with the air conditioning on?...I better turn it off.  
-No dishwasher.
-No washer/dryer.
-If we park on any incline (or decline) at all, the doors swing open (or closed) and we have no control over them.
-Closet space.  I'm going to have to stop shopping or begin donating to some lucky lady.
-Any kind of space.

-I just cleaned my entire home with 3 wet wipes.

We really are thankful that we are not checking in and out of hotels every night.  It's just taking a toll on us, especially Jay, who needs his space and his "alone time."  Slowly but surely, we're making it work.

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Mom said...

You are an angel and I love you.