Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our New Kids

I'm so sorry for neglecting to write for this long!  Things have been absolutely crazy.  Jay and I average about 14 hours a day, and by the time we get back to the RV, we are just exhausted.  However, training camp is over now so we're officially on the road now!  We've been in North Carolina for about a week now and have visited some wonderful churches.  Everyone is so welcoming, and they all fall in love with our kids.  It's amazing how quickly people become attached and never want to let go.  I'm already dreading the inevitable goodbye in June.  It will be so hard.

A little over two weeks ago, five new people joined our team to make it complete.  Here's a little peek into who they are:

Auntie Prabha (Nepal): Prabha is nineteen years old and she is my saving grace!  She is our chaperone for the year.  At 4' 10" and 67 pounds, she may be small but she's got control over our kids.  She is quickly learning the ropes and I am coming to depend on her so much.  She is such a strong young woman.

Zurufah (Uganda): Before the children ever arrived, we got a sheet with tiny pictures of all the children so that we could see who was coming.  Right when I saw those big eyes looking up into the camera, I said I hoped Zurufah would be on our team.  She is officially our littlest child.  She's what we would call a "Miss Priss," with a face like a porcelain doll.

Neha (Nepal): Neha is eleven years old, which makes her our oldest.  She is also the younger sister of our chaperone, Prabha.  Neha reminds me of myself at that age...she has cute little glasses and she's all arms and legs.  She is extremely obedient and always has a wonderful attitude.  Just what we need!

Ezera (Uganda): We are slowly getting to know Ezera.  He is extremely shy, but very friendly and always has a smile for everyone.  

Jimmy (Uganda): Jimmy was already good friends with Martin and Lincoln at their children's home in Uganda, so he was very happy to join our team.  Every time he hugs me, I'm worried my ribs are going to break, but so far so good!  

Please keep praying for us and the children as we adjust to our new family life.  It's difficult, but there's lots and lots of love!

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