Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haircuts with Jay the Barber

Two nights ago, our chaperone, Ashley, called us from the host family she was staying in with Gift and Lincoln.  She informed us that Gift had decided while he was taking his shower that it would be a good idea to shave his head (with a razor!) in a couple of places.  When he showed up the next morning, it was so hard not to die laughing...he had a big chunk that he shaved out of the top of his hairline in the very front, and then a chunk out of the very back!  He looked ridiculous!  We were already planning on giving the boys haircuts that day with Jay's clippers, so we decided we would have to shave it all off.  

Before we did Gift's though, Jimmy wanted to go first.  Jay tried it with the guard on, but we couldn't tell that any had been cut at all.  So naturally, Jay took the guard off and decided to start at the very middle of his forehead and go back...I had no idea it would shave him completely bald!  It looked like a landing strip going down the middle of his head!  I was so upset.  Jay and I apologized to Jimmy over and over again and told him we'd have to shave it all (which he wasn't happy about).  After we'd done his and Gift's, the boys decided it was the new cool thing and they all wanted their hair "removed."  Here are a few pictures of the adventure: 
Our new bald boys:

Before we finished, we gave Isaac a new 'do: 


Steven & Tiffany said...

Hi central!! All our Ugandan boys are bald too (it doesn't last long so you have to keep doing it) and we love it!! They're due for a cut soon, so I'm sure that will be an upcoming post. It's fun seeing you, and I'm glad your doing well. I know you are thinking that I spelled you're wrong aren't you Taylor? I did it on purpose just to make you laugh!!

DuffFam said...

Hey is this Mr. T's baby picture???
Miss you all -- Love Jay's KY shirt!!!