Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hill Country on Horseback

Earlier this week, my sweet husband surprised me with a morning of horseback riding!  We were in Kerrville, Texas, which is in Texas Hill Country on the Guadelupe River.  I'd never been that far west before, and it was absolutely stunning.  It was a little chilly that day, but we had a great's been my favorite part of Texas so far!  Four days later, I'm still in pain every time I sit down or take even the tiniest step, but it was definitely worth it.  I had a blast!

My horse's name was Joe and Jay's horse was Blue.  Joe and I didn't exactly click...he wanted to do the opposite of everything I asked.  If we needed to stop for a picture, he wanted to trot away.  And when I needed him to get up and move, he would stand absolutely still, refusing to move a muscle.  But my favorite bonding moment was when we were going down a really steep hill (I was terrified!) and good ol' Joe decides it would be a great time to go off the trail and have me decapitated by a tree branch.  Good times...
Don't I look so natural??  I'm a real live cowgirl now.

It was such a beautiful day!  Thank you, Jay!


Mom said...

You all look so cute! Like that KENTUCKY sweatshirt!

DuffFam said...

You were probably sore because of your boney butt!! :) Shan