Friday, November 28, 2008

Much to be thankful for

The children had a WONDERFUL first Thanksgiving here in America!  I still don't think they get all the hype (i.e. why do we get so excited about just another meal?), but for us, it meant seeing family and not having any concerts for an entire week.  This was also the first time we'd ever spent time in a real home just being together.  ALL together.  We took over Jay's parents' house from Monday until Friday morning and I'm not sure it will ever be the same!  

I was so thankful to be off the road and in a real house (with a bathtub and hot water) and to be with family.  But I received an amazingly unexpected blessing just by having down time with all the kids.  When we're on the road, we are always GOING the next town, to a restaurant, to a church, to the next town, to a restaurant, to a church...and we never have time to really just be together and enjoy being our own family.  But this week, we truly savored that time together.  I was a little anxious before we arrived about how smoothly it would go and how the kids would behave with us being all together for 5 days straight.  But the kids were wonderful.  Minimal fighting, maximum fun and flexibility.  

Jay's parents live near a college, and so we took full advantage of the soccer fields near the house.  Each day, the kids ended the afternoon with a very competitive game.  They are such good soccer players!  They put American kids to shame!  

The first night, I taught the kids how to play Spoons, which is a very fast, very rowdy card game.  They think it is the greatest game ever invented.  About every two minutes, we'd hear a burst of laughter and screams signaling the end of another game.  

All in all, it was a time I will always cherish with the kids.  Jay's family was so wonderful to take us in with open arms.  We are so thankful to our families for supporting us in this crazy year of our lives.  I am already looking forward to Christmas, when we have the kids in Texas for an entire week...just us and the kids!  Half the time I feel like I'm going nuts, but the other half of the time I see how beautiful they are and my heart just bursts...and that makes it all worth it.

P.S. Just a little conversation that took place this week:

Me:   Hey do you guys know who Santa Claus is?

Ezera:   Jesus???

Me:    No!  Do you know who Santa Claus is?

Ezera:   Satan???

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