Monday, November 3, 2008

Welcome a new child into the Kingdom of God!

Yesterday morning, Isaac decided he wanted to follow Christ and asked Jesus into his heart!  We are so happy for him and we are sure the angels were rejoicing!  We were sitting in the sanctuary getting ready to go on stage when Isaac looked at me and asked, "Auntie, why do I not know Jesus?"  
I responded, "I don't know, Isaac.  Have you ever asked Him into your heart?"
"No.  I want to know Jesus."
I wanted to jump in right then and there, but the pastor was already in the middle of introducing us so I had to say, "Well, sweetie, I really want to talk to you about it more, but you have to go on stage now.  We'll talk about it after, ok?" 
After the concert, I pulled him out of the costume room and asked him if he still wanted to talk about Jesus, to which he said yes.  Isaac is still really struggling with his English and I wanted to make sure he really knew what we were talking about, so I got Martin to come with us and translate in Lugandan.  Together, Martin and I laid out the gospel for him.  I stressed that this was a decision that he had to decide for himself, and that he didn't have to decide today.
"I want to know Jesus today, Auntie," he said.
"Ok.  I'm not going to pray for you, though.  You need to do this for yourself.  You don't have to pray in English," I told him.
We all held hands together, and Isaac prayed in Lugandan all by himself.  Martin told me that he prayed, "Father, I want to follow you for the rest of my life.  I am so sorry for all of the bad things I've done.  Please forgive my sins.  I believe that Jesus is the son of God and I love you.  I will try to do the right thing from now on.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."  It was an amazing moment for all of us...I felt so blessed just to be a part.
When we were about to join everyone else, I asked, "Ok, Isaac, do you have any other questions?"
He thought for a minute and said very seriously, "Auntie, if I sin now, will I go to the fire?"
"Oh no, Isaac.  Now when you sin, God will always forgive you, no matter what you do.  You can pray to Him anytime you want to.  No matter where you are, He will always hear you."
He mulled this over for a few seconds and I asked if he had any more questions.
"Auntie, you mean I can pray when I poo-poo and pee-pee in the restroom?!"
He may be a child of God, but he's still an eight-year-old boy!


Kay-tee said...

aww that is soo sweet. Congrats to Isaac, and to you. You and Jay are doing a great thing! My prayers are always with you guys.

Steven & Tiffany said...

Isn't it so exciting when the kids "get it"? Tell Isaac we miss him and are so excited that he is our new brother. Juliet and Ericka prayed to receive Christ a couple weeks ago, so you can tell him he has new east team sisters too!!

Mom said...

Isaac is SO precious! We are excited for him and for you all. What a blessing!
P.S. Actually, Isaac's question was a very valid one. Sometimes when you all were little and life was crazy, the ONLY place I had to pray was in the bathroom!

DuffFam said...

I can validate that one D.


MDearing said...

WOW Taylor!!! AWESOME stuff!!