Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can't believe it's almost spring!

As I have mentioned before, some days I say, "Oh my goodness, it's only February."  And then other days I say, "Oh my goodness, it's already February??!!!"  Even though we have several months before the tour is over, Jay and I recently had some decisions to make, the most important being whether or not we would be returning to be team leaders again next year.  After much prayer and consideration, we agreed that this will be our only year on tour.  We will be devastated to see the kids go, and nostalgic when we go to a concert sometime next year to see new children perform, but we think this is the best decision for us.  We know, from the bottom of our hearts, that God called us to be with these children and to be a part of this awe-inspiring ministry.  But in the end, there is a time for every season, right?

With that being said, we enter into the scary place we have been in before: LIMBO.  We were in this position at the exact same time last year, when we were waiting to hear whether or not we would get to be team leaders.  Only this time around, we are trying to sell our house (our house in Dothan is on the market...any takers?) AND trying to find another job (anyone need an amazing, dynamic, hard-working, Jesus-loving worship leader?).  Come June, we will officially be "homeless" and jobless.  

I have come to accept the fact that God puts us in positions like this on purpose.  I am terrified by all the "what ifs" in this scenario.  What if Jay can't find a job?  What if we have to move home with our parents?  What if we can't sell our house and are stuck with this mortgage FOREVER?  But this year, God just keeps reminding me that His grace is sufficient.  That no matter what happens, no matter what may go wrong, He is more than enough for me.  If my Father granted my every whim and desire, I might lean on my own strength instead of His.  These "obstacles" may be exactly what I need to realize that, no matter how much I want to, I can't fix everything.  

I am doing this amazing Bible study on my own right now called Experiencing the Heart of Jesus, by Max Lucado.  In it he writes, "For all we don't know about thorns, we can be sure of this: God would prefer we have an occasional limp than a perpetual strut.  And if it takes a thorn for Him to make His point, He loves us enough not to pluck it out...A few stumbles might be what you need to convince you: His grace is sufficient."  And no matter what, His grace will be sufficient for us.


Mom said...

Today in Bible study, we were talking about the ways that God speaks to us. And I said that He often speaks to me through my children. He just did it again through your words, Taylor. Thank you for that. I love you so much, Little Girl. And don't you worry. God's got something pretty amazing planned for you two. I just know it! Mom

Oh Dear said...

Oh Taylor,
You know that is so along the lines of what God is teaching me. Thank you for sharing!! I think we all need to hear that right now. Look forward to hearing what God has in store for you guys next!

Sean said...

Taylor I pray that you and Jay are doing great. Jay can you email me your phone number? I have lost your cell number.


Sean Cooper