Monday, February 2, 2009

Our First Communion

Ah, a child's first communion.  I remember when I was little, wishing my parents would allow me to drink from that tiny cup and nibble on that tiny morsel of "bread."  Looking back, I can understand my fascination.  The people around me were part of a club I was not allowed to be a part of yet.  I felt left out.  Now that I have grown in my faith, taking the Lord's Supper has become so much more to me.  I understand the significance behind the ritual of "taking the wine and the bread in remembrance of Him."

This Sunday, my childhood memories came flooding back to me as I sat on the front row of a church with Jimmy, Martin, Isaac, Gift, and Lincoln.  As we were getting ready for the service to start, I realized the church was taking communion that morning and I gave the boys a crash course on the symbolism of the Lord's Supper.  Because all of those boys have accepted Jesus as their Savior, I told them I would let them take the juice and the bread, and explained the significance of what they were about to do. 

It took all I had to keep from laughing at their candid questions and remarks.  First, they passed out the "bread," which was really just a TINY square of a tasteless cracker.  The boys asked what it was called, and I told them about "unleavened" bread.  Somehow they misheard me, and for the rest of the day kept talking about eating the "un-heaven" bread.  Of course, Gift does not follow the instructions from the pastor to wait, and starts chowing down immediately.  Martin, on the other end of the spectrum, leans over to ask me if he can put it in his pocket to save for later.  Isaac asks if he can have more because "it wasn't a very big snack."  

Then comes the grape juice.  I was praying and praying that the boys wouldn't overturn the whole tray of the little cups into their laps (and onto their Ugandan-made costumes).  We passed that hurdle, our only mishap being that the boys felt the need to peruse each and every plastic cup to see which one had that extra drop to savor.  (I have to admit to doing this when I was a child, too, which made me all the more prepared for their antics!)  The juice actually went smoothly...much better than I had anticipated, despite the fact that I caught Martin lapping up the juice from the cup like a dog who has just returned from a long run.

I will say, though, these are the priceless moments I will cherish forever.  I was so happy to be there for that "first" in their lives.  I had told the children that after they had received everything, they should pray and remember what Jesus had done for them.  After a long pause, Isaac asked so seriously, "But Auntie, I don't remember Jesus.  Should I remember Him?"  I gave him a clearer explanation of how we should just think about how He sacrificed Himself for us by dying on the cross, and then I prayed aloud for all of us.  I'm actually surprised that this was our first time a concert has coincided with a Communion Sunday, but I hope it does more often.  It was definitely an unexpected blessing for me...just like my first communion was so many years ago.


Mom said...

Oh my gosh, those kids are SO cute and hilarious! PLEASE talk World Help into letting us adopt Isaac. I seriously would, even though we'd have to put your dad in a padded hospital room somewhere.

aprilbgray said...

How precious and hilarious at the same time!!

Oh Dear said...

LOVE kids and how they perceive things. I will have to share about the unheaven bread with our son as we just studied the passover. So thankful for you guys!