Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quirky Kids

All families have their quirks.  And with thirteen kids, six adults, and different personalities galore, ours are abundant:

-When we watch animal movies on the bus, the kids compare each character to someone on the team (i.e. Lincoln is "Baloo" and Suresh is "Mogli" from "Jungle Book").

-Martin and Neha have an obsession with my hands.  Martin always says, "Auntie, how did you get so soft hands?" and Neha always takes my hand and rubs her own face with it, saying "So soft, so soft!"

-Isaac does not like when Jay and I show affection toward one another.  If we are hugging in front of the kids, Isaac comes up and tries to get in between us and says, "No thank you!  Not right now!" 

-Sarah is our roller coaster of emotions, up and down all day long.  She has her funny moments though, and has started occasionally referring to us as "Girlfriend," as in "No way, girlfriend!" or "You're crazy, girlfriend!"

-Ezera says "No thanks" probably a hundred times a day, but he pronounces it "No sanks."

-Martin (who's last name is Batte, pronounced Bah-tay) has developed a serious gas problem (I'm completely serious), and the kids get so mad at him when he lets one loose.  Jay started teasing him and calling him "Stinky Batte," which has definitely stuck with everyone!

-Isaac and Zurufah (our two littlest Ugandans) have some kind of romance going on.  Isaac is constantly battling with himself over whether or not he loves her.  This usually depends on whether or not the feelings are returned on that particular day.

-Lincoln almost always refers to Jay as "Mr. Coffee," which he thinks is the funniest joke ever made.

-Suresh likes to play soccer without any shoes on, which we allow to a certain extent.  If it's under forty-five degrees, we have to say no, but he still begs!

-Isaac leaves at least one pair of socks at every host home he visits.  He calls them "stocks," though.  Even though I should be mad, I love hearing him say, "Auntie, I only have two stocks left..."

-If Yeshoda or Neha mess up on any of their solos in the concerts, they immediately sticks their tongues out and roll their eyes (an unattractive reflex that we are trying to overcome!).  Must be a Nepali thing!

-If I am carrying something and Rose comes up to hug me around my waist, she says "Two hands, Auntie, two hands!"  And I have to put everything down so that I can hug her with both arms.  

-When Jimmy has a speaking part, he yells every word, getting louder and louder as it goes on.  "...and my hope is in you ALL DAY LONG!!!"  

-Zurufah has started writing me letters once a week, which I thought was just a show of affection (and a battle for my attention).  This week though, I realized she's just trying to butter me up when I received the weekly note that just wants to know, "Who do you love the most out of all the children on Central Team?  I won't tell anybody!"  That little stinker.


Donna Hampton said...

Isaac, join the crowd. Everyone in America is going around saying, "I only have two stocks left!"

Tripp said...

Ha ha hah a!!!! This was the best blog yet! Mis syou all so much. Ugh- I wanna get to play with those kids again!!!

Love ya!

Steven & Tiffany said...

Ha...our kids need stocks frequently on the east team. Cute post! We miss you!

Goddard Hampton said...

Little kiddos are so funny and say the craziest things. Mine are getting too old, dont make cute messes of words that much anymore. Although Jaclyn did say her softball try outs were very nervousing.