Saturday, April 18, 2009

An unforgettable Easter

Here's a little glimpse of our Easter!  The week before, Prava, Ashley, and I stuffed nearly three hundred Easter eggs for our kiddos!  (This is in the tiny "living room" of the RV.)

We left church right after our concert Sunday morning, found a nearby park, and hid the eggs.  We were racing against time since the kids were soon on their way!

I wish we had a picture of them jumping up and down screaming when they heard what we had planned for them.  They've definitely never done this before and were so excited to take part in this American tradition!  Here are the girls getting ready to begin the hunt :)

Checking out their treasures:

These last pictures aren't from Easter, but I wanted you all to meet the girl who has stolen my husband's heart.  This is Neha, our oldest little one.  She and Jay have a special bond...they are together constantly!
She always steals Jay's hats!  There's a lot of love here!

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Mom said...

Your kids are so beautiful!
P.S. Jay is gonna be a real good daddy!