Sunday, May 31, 2009


As we wrap up the end of the tour, it seems like we're looking back and realizing how much we've done over the past 10 months.  It is completely surreal that it really is almost over.  A lot of the time it seemed never-ending, but now that the end is in sight, I really can't believe it.  We've been counting down for a while now.   The kids ask every day, "How many days left?"  They are not ready for it to be over.  Every hour, someone is saying, "Only 8 days left!"  And, "Only six more concerts!" The past few months, we've been saying goodbye to states we know we're not returning to.  As we cross over the borders we yell out, "Goodbye, (insert state here)!"  I keep thinking about the miles traveled, the churches visited, the people we've met, etc.  I thought you might enjoy a little breakdown:

***All numbers are approximate after calculating as best as I could.

39,000.... miles driven

60,000... adoring audience members

195... concerts

160... different cities/churches

160... church parking lots I have slept in (in the RV)

160... different host families that have spoiled the children

390... number of times I have directed and the children have sung "Global Hallelujah"- once for each sound check, once during concert  

720... meals eaten in restaurants (Thank the Lord this is part is almost over!)

440... different gas station visits

70... games of Phase 10 the Aunties have played

20... bottles of Dramamine purchased for all our kids who throw up regularly on the bus

50... number of times the Dramamine hasn't worked and children have thrown up into plastic bags on the bus (always pleasant!)

800... number of emails from the World Help office I have received

800... children who have gotten sponsored (food, clothing, medical care, Christian education until they're 19 years old!) by our team

13... smart kiddos who will now receive full college scholarships from World Help

25... number of times I have tripped the electrical breaker at the churches from trying to turn on too many things in the RV at once (Jay loves it when I do that!)

560... bathroom trips with all 13 kids

1,000,000... number of times a child has asked me to go to the bathroom (you do the math on how many times I said to hold it!)

400... phone calls to my Always-There-When-I-Need-Her mother

7,200... hugs I have received from my affectionate children (THE BEST PART)

40... fried chicken & green bean dinners churches have provided us with

5... the longest time (in days) we have spent in one place

120... different parks we have visited for the kids to play

5... number of times I have survived tornado warnings while in the RV by myself

1... number of nights Jay and I slept in a church lobby

4... broken bones (all Ezera's fingers)

6... doctor visits (I'm really proud of this one... such healthy kids!)

240... hours spent watching kids' movies

1,000,000 number of times someone has asked, "So, how did you get involved in this?" 

1,000,000,000... number of times someone in a gas station/restaurant has looked at our group and said something like, "Now, what exactly IS this???"

5... children on our team who have prayed to ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior

Spending 10 months getting to know, cherish, and adore thirteen beautiful children of God... PRICELESS


Christa said...

That is the best blog ever! Loved it!

Oh Dear said...

Lovin that 5!!!!! So you and Jay could handle this many children of your own. Now you know!