Monday, June 15, 2009

One last photo shoot

One of our chaperones, Ashley, is a great photographer, but she hasn't had her super cool, super high-tech camera with her the whole year (for fear that it would get ruin by one of our cute little munchkins... good call on her part). Anyway, now that we're in Lynchburg wrapping everything up, she had a friend bring her the camera and we did a last minute photo shoot in the park for our kids. In my mind, I'm picturing a photo wall in our house- white frames, white mattes, black and white pictures. Thanks, Ashley... these are some of my faves! (She wants me to add a disclaimer that she hasn't had a chance to photoshop these yet. She's mad that I'm putting them up before she gets the chance!)

Isaac, the charmer

Neha, our sensitive, kind-hearted oldest

Jimmy, our "Crazy Man"

Suresh, the one all the church ladies want to keep forever

Prava, who I couldn't have done this without


Martin, our wise leader

The team that I can't believe is actually separating

Ezera, the uncles' wrestling partner

Rose, with the famous dimples

Gift, our mischievous boy

Sarah, the sassy one

Maria, the soft-spoken one

Zurufah, always the flirt, always the drama queen!

Lincoln, the boy with the servant's heart

Yeshoda, who is everyone's encourager

The best example of how we became parents this year:
Jay and I leave for Uganda tomorrow. Please be praying for us as we take fourteen precious children back home. We will be in Kampala, Uganda until June 22, and then the 23-27 Jay and I are going to take a much-needed vacation in London!

Monday, June 1, 2009


We spent the day at the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey... we couldn't have had a better day!  The kids had a ball.  It was a little chilly, which is why I'm wearing jeans at the beach for the first time ever.  Our kids were the ONLY ones crazy enough to brave the frigid waters!  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Jay and his girls
I have never seen kids love sand more than ours!

They really did just literally roll around in the sand.  They didn't care where it ended up.  We kept calling them sand monsters!
They were fascinated by the seagulls... Jay said he would give them a dollar if they caught one (Nice, huh?).  So after lunch, they had the brilliant idea of bringing leftover french fries down to the beach and waving them around.  We got ATTACKED.  Little did we know, feeding them is illegal and everyone around us was angry (notice the abandoned beach chairs).  Sorry!  We really didn't think it would be that bad.
And Auntie Isaac raiding a dress-up bin: