Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

What a great weekend!  Jay's parents came into town from Georgia, so we spent Friday and Saturday with them.  We had a nice dinner out Friday, Jay and Jim went to a shooting range Saturday while the girls went shopping, and we grilled out Saturday night.  They love spending time with their first grandchild!  Jonah is so blessed to have wonderful grandparents.

Monday was spent with our good friends Heather and Eric at the pool.  Jonah was grouchy because he missed a nap, so he didn't take to the water as well as he did the other day!  We'll try again later this week sometime.

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Amy said...

Taylor, that child is looking more and more like you... I don't care what anyone says! The last picture is ADORABLE!!!! Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend :-) Jayce is quite the water baby but it takes him a while to get adjusted to cool water too. Missing a nap always causes issues ;-) Well, Jayce is grouchy regardless of his nap status, but still! haha!