Sunday, May 22, 2011


There is nothing sweeter than holding a sleeping baby. Lately, I have begun cherishing every time my baby boy dozes off in my arms while we rock. My favorite time is when he finishes nursing and presses his little face into my neck and I feel his breathing, warm and low. His features are always beautiful to me, but they just become softer in his sleep. I'm beginning to realize that pretty soon, these times will be few and far between. He is still so snuggly, but it's already not the same as it was when he was just a newborn. I want to soak up every moment he will let me hold him, knowing that someday it will break my heart when he decides he is "too big." Thank You, Lord, for the sweetest blessing I could ever hope for, and please make time slow down!

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Danielle Wade said...

I still rock Harrison every night. There is nothing sweeter as a mom than snuggling with your baby as they fall asleep. I too am soaking it all in, because someday soon he will be to big, but even at 20 months, he still loves it as much as I do :) Now he even pulls me to the rocking chair if he is ready before I am!!!

Love your blog :)