Tuesday, June 21, 2011


From the beginning, Jay and I have been using cloth diapers on Jonah.  This was not something I would have even considered a year ago.  Like most people, when I thought about cloth diapers, I thought about the diaper cloths my grandmother used.  I pictured someone scrubbing nasty stains and fumbling with safety pins.  Then I read a post about cloth diapering that made me stop and do my research.  Sherry and John are two of my favorite bloggers over at www.younghouselove.com.  They use cloth diapers.  They were not born in a previous century.  They seem practical.  They are not hippie-dippie.  They seem normal.  They wrote a very in-depth entry giving their readers a real look into cloth diapering (read that here).  After I read it, I thought, "Could I really do this???"

Jay came home and I made him read the article and the other research I had found.  He was on board right away, simply because of all the money we would end up saving.  We are not really environmentally conscious kind of people.  But we are VERY thrifty and my husband will do practically anything to save a dime.  

I read reviews of BumGenius diapers, FuzziBunz, G-Diapers, and many others.  We ended up going with the FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diaper (website here) simply because we had a gift card to Amazon and that is the brand Amazon sells.  We are so thankful we took the plunge and made the investment!  The cost upfront is about $200 for 12 diapers (I know that seems outrageous).  But when you compare that the fact that most families spend about $70 per month on diapers, which ends up being at least $1680 in the course of the baby's diapering days, I figure we're making our money back and then some!  We still use disposable diapers when we are traveling or taking the baby to the church nursery.  But now when I use them I feel like I am just throwing money in the trash can along with the diaper!

As for the logistics of our cloth diapers, let's just say they have come a long way since the folding and safety-pinning days.  Ours have adjustable elastics on the inside waistband, the front of the leg opening and the back of the leg opening.  There are also snaps going all the way across the front.  This allows us to adjust the diapers as Jonah gets older, so they will fit him all the way through potty-training.  They have a padded cloth insert that goes into a pocket in the diaper to absorb everything.  We were able to get them in fun, bright colors that are great for Jonah, but will also work if we have a baby girl one day.

My biggest fear was how clean the diapers would be.  After 5 months, our diapers still look brand new!  I would not be embarrassed to show them to anyone.  When I change Jonah, I take off the diaper, pull out the insert, and put both parts in a plastic bin that has a trash bag inside.  After all the diapers are dirty, I take the trash bag and dump everything in the washer.  I run a pre-wash cycle on hot without detergent, which only takes about 4 minutes.  Then I put in a "free and clear" detergent and run a normal cycle on hot.  After that, everything gets put into the dryer on low or delicate (they dry VERY quickly) and then we're good to go!  

We have loved the FuzziBunz diapers.  They are adorable and completely worth it.  I know some people think we are nuts, but we're ok with that!  We will definitely continue using these with Jonah and then again with our next babies! 

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