Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another List

-Jay and I celebrated our five year anniversary this past weekend!  We had a date night on Friday- nice dinner, stroll around downtown Abbeville, and relaxing and talking in a coffee shop for a while.  We had such a great time!  I am so thankful to be married to such an amazing man who chases after God each and every day.  Yes, I made the babysitter (thank you, Amber!) take a picture of us before we left:
-I've been wearing a dress with a cardigan, tights/leggings, and boots probably 3 or 4 days a week.  I know some disagree, but I think tights are so incredibly comfortable.  In college, I used to wear tights under my jeans every day in the winter!

-Jonah has been having a really difficult time with teething this week.  He's working on two more top teeth (his 5th and 6th) and he hasn't been sleeping through the night.  He had a fever last night and he was just so pitiful.  We've been spending some extra time together at around 5:30 each morning... not my ideal time for sure!

-Last night we gave Jonah some broccoli as a finger food while we were eating dinner.  Oh my goodness, he HATED it!  He put a little piece in his mouth, pinched his little face up, closed his eyes, and shuddered all over.  It was hilarious.  Jay stuck another piece in his mouth and Jonah immediately threw up the broccoli and everything else he had already eaten.  Nice.  We'll be holding off on broccoli for a while, or I might try mixing it with something else until he gets used to it. 

-I LOVE jalepeno potato chips.  I am one of those people who has to have chips with my sandwich, and jalepeno have been my favorite for a while.  But last week I discovered these dill pickle chips that have changed my life forever.  If you eat too many, your mouth gets kind of raw, just like when you eat salt and vinegar chips, but oh my goodness... SO worth it.

-Last night I ordered our Christmas cards.  Yes it's the beginning of November, but they were 60% off with free shipping!  Plus, last year I stressed about those dumb cards for weeks, so I am happy to get it out of the way.  I hope they turn out as cute in person as they are online! 

-Sunday night was our girls' Bunco night!  We haven't had it in about six months and we had a great time.  It was some much-needed girl time for everyone, I think!

-I have started Christmas shopping!  I've bought a couple little things over the past few months, but I will be getting hard-core in the next few weeks.  I LOVE Christmas shopping and I'm always sad when it's over (which for me is usually around Dec. 1st- I never procrastinate it!).  And I can't wait to get all the decorations out... I always ask Jay if we can decorate after Halloween instead of Thanksgiving and every year he turns me down.  Such a Grinch ;)

And just because he's cute and I love those lips:


Sarah and Ryan said...

Ugh! Miles is getting two more teeth on too and has been doing the same thing as Jonah. Not my favorite time! I gave him some Motrin before bed last night, and he slept the whole night, but woke up at 5:15 for good. I ordered our Christmas cards several weeks ago. Haha! Already have them addressed! Can't wait to send them out!

heather said...

Your Christmas spirit is stressing me out!

I love that baby.

Amber said...

1. you are welcome.
2. i love having my own date night with jonah.
3. Where are you ordering your christmas cards from?? I want to send one out this year of Evie and I :)

heather said...

ps - you have an award on my blog :)